Yes, Yes, Yes

Psalm 72:15-20

You will notice as we walk together through the psalms and of course in many other passages in the Bible this little yet powerful word ‘Amen’ written.
We use it a lot these days as an agreement sentence and as a way to ‘approve’ that which we have just heard.
But what does ‘amen’ means?

(em’a) the Hebrew word for Amen means: to take care, to be faithful, to be reliable or established. Jesus said this word many times and it is usually translated, truly, truly, in the New Testament ( amen, amen) or other places – let it be, or we agree…

If you hear any prayer in any language around the globe, this word amen will be heard and understood by all at the end of the prayer or uttered by the people listening and agreeing with the prayer.

It speaks of affirmation of the word of God, who he is, his promises, the testimony of the good news and of course the best amen is Jesus. He is God’s Amen. So, when we hear or speak that four-letter word- amen, let us think of the weight it carries and the one who made it possible for us to use. And then let us pray and praise the name above all names.


( See 1 Chronicles 16:36, Ephesians 3:21, Romans 11:36)