The whole Picture

Psalm 73:17-25

I have a friend that until yesterday I thought her life was perfect.

Perfect body and clothes
Perfect husband
Perfect children
Perfect holidays… Just perfect.

A slither of envy, strangely use to creep all the time we got together. Then God opened my eyes to see the whole picture, it was not perfect. Trust me. Underneath the glamour and glory misery and suffering was looming. I felt awful because I had spent a lot of time observing stuff that mattered very little in comparison to what was most needed.

We neglect to being good friends because we are too busy looking in the wrong diretion.

We need this often reminder that says : There is no happiness apart from God. Yes, there is beautiful clothes and awesome holidays, but even they can make us feel empty if we know not the love of God.

We are the guardians of the best and most hopeful news for all people of the world, may God guide us and counsel us to look tenderly on people we meet and know by sharing this news.

( See Mark 16:15, Philemon 1:6, 1 Samuel 16:7)