Success comes from the Saviour

Psalm 75:6-10

Self-advancement is the way to go these days.
It doesn’t matter how success comes, just that it has to come.

This crazy ambitious desire has penetrated its way to the church and sadly has muddled the message of the gospel we need to proclaim.
“What is your brand?” you are asked. You have to find ways to market yourself and make sure that you appear successful.

But, as that old saying says: not everything that shines is gold. Not everything that appears to be successful is successful.
Real success comes from the Lord. The people that know this remain humble. They know that their abilities and capacity to advance is a gift from above and God’s generosity its to be shared. Success that is seen in this way will never devastate us.

We don’t need to market ourselves, for we are marked by God.
We don’t need to be superior, for we serve the same Saviour.
We don’t need to climb ladders that point to vanity, for the Love of God is shed abroad in our hearts.

Success, for the believers in Christ – is to know God and enjoy him forever.

( See Joshua 1:8, Proverbs 3:1-4, Jeremiah 17:7)