Songs in the Night

Psalm 77:1-7

You know when we are in distress and people, good and nice people that we love and they love us back tell us that ‘everything will be alright’ but still the pain and anguish in our hearts continue to throb?

Do you know those moments? It’s as though your heart needs more than a simple comforting word. It’s as though its quest is unfinished.

That’s when we wake up in the night and with hands lifted to heavens grab a ‘spiritual spade’ so to speak and start digging into our assurance we have in God. It’s the simple and powerful habit of reflection. Meditating in the Word and the promises of GodI should be a lifeline to us, but we often neglect to practice. Discomfort, distress, disappointment and difficulties often, allow ust get back to the comfort of all comforts. God, our help.

( See Matthew 6:26-30, Job 22:22, Isaiah 26:3)