Fighting Faith

Psalm 77:5-13

There are times in our lives when the accusations of the enemy and the problems we face shout so loud that the only thing we can do is to fight, yes, fire with fire, fight the good fight of faith.

It’s a wise thing to do so. We need to argue with ourselves when we face unbelief. We need to ‘wear’ the armour of God when we feel the arrows of the enemie aiming at us. We need to question the doubt that arises from the depth of our despair and let God fight with us.

The Holy Spirit will help us, for he is our comforter and wise counsellor. God in our midst, God in the fellowship of His people will assist.
Very few of us dare to voice their doubt. Even fewer to ask for help when bombarded by storms of unbelief. But my friend let us not fight alone like this for long. Ask. Seek, Knock. Because, even if the problems don’t go, God will provide us with his presence. Let us be brave enough to ask questions, let us be courageous to wait on God, our rescuer who fights for us.

( See Ephesians 6:12, Romans 8:26-27, John 14:26)