He is Your Delight

Psalm 87:1-7

We are exhausted. We might be the only generation that finds rest impossible.

Whoever we meet and talk, ‘I am tired’ is the word that dominates our conversations. It is as though all our energies and vital existence are spent. Spiritual exhaustion is widespread also. Ain’t nobody keeping the sabbath.

We all are labouring, serving and encouraging around the clock. But, who is our supply? Jesus is our fountain, our delight and our happiness. If we don’t draw out from him, we will quickly run out on empty and everything that is done from an empty place gives empty results. Everything must come from God and return to God, as Spurgeon noted: “If all my springs are in God, then let all my streams flow to God. All the rivers run into the sea because they all came from the sea. It was from the sea that the sun drew up the clouds which fed the thousand rills which fall into the rivers, and so the rivers run back to the sea.

” What we have is from God must go to God.”

All my springs are in thee ( verse 7 KJV). The source of my delight, happiness and strength are in you Lord, let me live from that place.

( See Acts 17:28, Genesis 2:7, Colossians 1:15-19)