Vital and Green

Psalm 92: 9-15

My husband has a fascinating fondness for the Palm tree. He cherishes every kind and shape of them wherever he sees them. It is the evergreen of these tall and elegant trees that attract us. For the middle Eastern, the palm tree is the queen of trees. It’s used to illustrate beauty, vitality and majesty.

If you observe the ‘holy’ places in Azia and Eastern hemisphere you will notice that the courts and walls of these places are decorated with palm trees.

The psalmist illustrates the righteous men and women with this tree.
Like the palm tree, the righteous are steady and strong. They stay tall and thrive planted in the presence of God. For where the presence of God is, there He dwells and makes it His home. The people planted in God’s presence alike the palm tree grow slow and steady, they are not shifted easy by bad weather, wind or winter. They flourish and grow, they are cool and collected, they produce fruit year after year.
We may get old, but the fruit we produce as we remain planted in God’s presence will be fresh and last forever.

( See Proverbs 11:28, Jeremiah 17:8, 2 Corinthians 4:16)