Blessed and Wise

Psalm 94:8-15

We often forget that the maker of the ear and the eye knows and sees all.

Its not in the sense of ‘the eye in the sky ‘ as people laughably describe God, but more importantly how the creator of universe is as close to us as our breath. That knowledge should rock us and make us rejoice at the same time.

There is fear and freedom in the Truth.


For this very reason God does not prevent discipline to us. It is true that we don’t like discipline, we reject it in fact, but the writer of the psalm says that a man and the women that God disciplines are blessed and wise.

People that heed God’s discipline get encircles and protected in His care, yes even in the middle of evil. Jesus, our Lord, was often unjustly treated and rejected, still, He knew the love of the Father. That’s what discipline teaches us, God’s love. Loved by God we are given the certainty that justice will eventually be done and that the upright will be restored.

( See Hebrews 12:4-11, Revelation 3:19, Isaiah 30:18)