March Into His Presence

Psalm 95:1-3

We need to prepare our hearts to get into God’s presence.


I believe that our God should be honoured by us with a happy, enthusiastic heart. There is a place in our worship for a quiet and more contemplative manifestation, still it should not be the leading method. We, the followers of Jesus have more to shout for joy than to utter in sorrow.

In Albania, when someone visits our homes all the members of the family stand up to greet and welcome the guest. It doesn’t matter what they might be doing ( my grandmother once was kneading dough and had to clean her hands very quick to shake hands with the guest) they all leave their occupancies and honour the guest.
When we enter into our places of worship, when two or there of us gather together, Jesus promises to be there. So we should stand up, dance and welcome him with shouts of joy. If a loving guest gets that sort of honour, what about a majestic saviour? God is the best, so we give Him our best.

( See 2 Samuel 6:14, Exodus 15:20, Ecclesiastes 3:4)