Worth a thousand Hallelujahs

Psalm 96:1-13

His mercies are new every morning, so his praises to him should be also.


Every morning He sends the sun the bid us ‘good day’. Every evening He skaters the stars and the galaxies on display.
He is different from every other god. His beauty is marvellous, His power immeasurable. He empowers the weak and champions the case of the widow. He dwells with us and he fights for us.

Who is like our God? Faithful and true, loving and graceful, merciful and just. He is worth a thousand hallelujahs. The world should know His acts, the people should hear the gospel, all should learn His unconditional love.

Are we silent about who God is and what He has done? We shouldn’t be.

Let us proclaim his goodness loud and clear.

( See Ephesians 2:10, John 4:29, Isaiah 43:10)