Joy is our Birthright

Psalm 105:41-45

It pleases God to give His people freedom. It’s is for freedom that Christ has set us free ( Galatians 5:1). God brought out the Israelites from slavery with His right hand of power and through His servant Moses.

Still, the people fell into several different bondage and lost their freedom and joy on the way, we do too. But God, rich in mercy and grace sends Jesus to free us from the slavery of sin, fulfil the Law and make us a new people, a joyful people.
Freedom and joy are in the fact that there are no longer any powers and dominions that can enslave us who are in Christ. The power of the law has been dealt with, the dominion of sin has been paid for.

We are free people.


Have you seen the joy of a guilty prisoner who has been set free? Not only that but to him is given grace, pardon and provision for the rest of his life. That’s is an astonishing story, that is our story.
You are free my friend, rejoice and enjoy the abundance of this liberty and love we have in Jesus Christ our Lord.

( See Galatians 4:7, Romans 14:17, Galatians 5:22-23)