Yo-Yo Belief

Psalm 106:6-12

By nature, we are unthankful, forgetful to God’s grace and dissatisfied with God’s way. From the very beginning of our story, we have this narrative of siding with God only when we see it benefiting.
If life is good we dismiss God, when life is bad we denounce Him.

Israelites walking in the desert with God for decades were constantly living in this yo-yo theology. When they sow God deliver provisions and powerful miracles they worshipped Him. When their bellies were grumbling and their bodies were thirsty they whined about Him.

We are not called believers for nothing. We must believe in God.
If He comes in the time we did not expect, if He tells us to wait, if He chooses another path for us o follow – we stand with Him.
It’s difficult at times and I am not saying here that we don’t stumble upon overwhelming situations that shake our faith. Still, through millennials, God has demonstrated to us people who follow Him that He is faithful and can be trusted.

When we are down, let us look up.

( See Hebrews 10:23,35, 1 Corinthians 16:13, Colossians 1:23)