What is at the Core of Unhappiness

Psalm 106:13-22

All the time that we place our happiness in a moving thing, happiness will run away from us. What we worship the most, has the most of our lives.

An idol is something or someone that has us convinced that without ‘it’ life has not got any meaning. GOD, is the only one who can be that. Anything or anyone else can’t carry that weight.
We are created to worship and worship we must, but when what we worship is our bellies (selfish desires, ego and our success) that is about to end in disaster. That’s why we are mostly unhappy.

Building a golden calf in the desert did not affect the glory of God, but corrupted the Israelites further. Idols do that. Not only that they demand our attention and wealth, but they pollute our being.
Sin festered as the idol was lifted up. Immorality, ingratitude, rage, conflict and death rose up, so did unhappiness.
When we worship God joy increases. When we lift up the name of Jesus everything we hold dear and love finds the right place in our hearts. When we praise God, our lives fulfil their purpose.

( See Matthew 22:37-40, Jeremiah 10:3-5, Hosea 13:4)