Standing the Gap

Psalm 106:23-27

You will be hurt. There is no doubt about that my friend. Any child of God will not have different treatment than the master, Jesus Christ.

If we stand in the gap between people coming to know Jesus as their Lord and saviour we will be hurt. If we follow Jesus and His Lordship we will be hurt. If we stand for the kingdom, we will be hurt. If we serve selflessly we will be hurt.

Moses, the servant of God stands in the gap between God and His people during their exodus from Egypt. He gets criticised, wronged, accused of being not a good leader, despised, scorned at and yet, he pleads with God to spare the lives of the people, he fights for the very community that despises him.

Jesus, the real Moses, was too rejected and shunned. He was dismissed and punished for bridging the widest gap ever, the chasm between the Holy God and the fallen man.
Now, if we are hurt for His sake, we suffer not alone. He is with us and for us. The biggest gap has already been crossed by Him, the hurt that we face we face with Him. In His strength, for His glory.

Courage standing that gap my friend.

( See Deuteronomy 9:25, Ezekiel 22:30, Matthew 5:10-12)