God of Ecology

Psalm 107:23-32

There are horrendous flooding happening in Australia as I write. Thousands of people have been evacuated and homes are seen floating on the overflowing rivers and dams.
Not every one of us has undergone dramatic experiences like people in Sidney and Queensland, Australia are going right now, but all of us, I believe, can find common grounds in praising God for His providential restraint of nature. God is the Lord of rivers and deserts, the sea and the wind. At the sound of His voice storms calm down and seas depart.

Life can feel like an unravelling storm at times. Alone can be scary to face it and see a way through. But God ( don’t you love these two words?) is our peace in times of turmoil, He is our stillness in the middle of any storm.

Dear Lord, help us to look at you and not the waves in times of storms.

( See Mark 4:35:41, Job 38:11, Proverbs 8:29)