A Fixed Heart

Psalm 108:1-9

There aren’t many of us who are always ready to praise God no matter how our circumstances turn. David starts this psalm which looks similar to the beginning verses in the previous psalm and psalm 57 and 60 declaring that his heart is made-up. His heart is relentless, steadfast, resolute, fasten in God’s character and goodness.

It’s a decision to be confident in God’s love and presence, to trust His Word and promises, to declare His glory and give Him all the praise.
This kind of living, the unwavering steadfastness in God’s character might look impossible, but with Him all things are possible.
We can start with the choice to look to God all the time no matter where circumstances put us, then declare that He is able to keep us from falling and then ask for help when we feel wavering.

A steadfast heart keeps us steady fast.

( See Matthew 19:26, Jude 1:24-25, Jeremiah 17:7)