Deeds that Last Forever

Psalm 112:1-10 

We all want to be remembered. The mark that we leave on earth however, as small as might be, we want to endure a bit longer after we have gone. Psalm 111 tell of the magnificent imprint of God and His character, Psalm 112 tell of the man that honours and obeys God.

The man and woman that revere the Lord are unshakable. They that delight in God’s commandments are the truly blessed ones.
Their families will prosper, their children will flourish, their characters will thrive morally and spiritually. All that the man and the woman who delight in God do will last forever. They will not fear tomorrow, not the changing of the weather or the wealth of the nations. They will land and give with generosity. Because of their joy in the Lord they will have influence and honour.

We become what we behold.


When we behold God we are transformed into His image, when we behold anything else all our lives count to nought.

( See Matthew 6:33, Matthew 19:29, Romans 12:1-2)