He Gives you a Family

Psalm 113:1-9

Note: Psalm 113-124 were sang before the Passover ceremony and Psalm 115-118 after the meal)

In ancient times, motherhood was seen as the crowning accomplishment for every women. To be barren then it meant to be lonely, outcast, a disappointment, a shame and without status.
Nowadays we don’t have the same outlook for women who can’t conceive or choose not to ( at least in the western world) but there is still a lingering disappointment in them who aren’t able to. The biggest disappointment I have learned is with themselves. I can’t share from personal experience, but I have walked closely with friends who struggled with infertility. It’s a difficult and highly emotional journey that tests the marriage, the person and the strength of any relationship.
For this very reason the promise of God to be and give us a family is highly treasured. All through the Bible He has stood side by side with women who suffered infertility. Sarah, Rachel, Hannah, Elisabeth to mention a few. He alone promises that through Jesus we become a valuable part of His family and we are never alone. We are His children and His heirs. Whether we are given children by birth or adoption, we are happy parents with Him.

( See Isaiah 54:1, Ephesians 1:5, Galatians 3:26)