Something Happened

Psalm 114:1-8

The journey from slavery to freedom, from Egypt to the promise land was filled with a lot of shudder. Something happened to establish their freedom. All the barriers that had been impossible for the Israelite people before, now fly away. ( See the message version)
With the presence of God on their side , all that was impossible before become possible.
The sin like the sea rushes away, repentance pursus like the river and the miracle of salvation like the mountain dance endlessly.
Something tremendous happened for us also in order to enjoy total freedom from sin and shame. When salvation happened the ground shook and the darkness covered the earth. The curtain of the temple tore in two and the mouth of our God spoke: It Is Finished!
No more shackles, not any longer slaves, no more bounds, we are free.
What was stagnant is fresh, what was dead is alive? Glory!

( See Matthew 27:51, Exodus 14:13, 21, John 19:30)