He Remembers us

Psalm 115:9-15

I have left my childhood home for over 20 years now and when I visit my parents very few people remember me, even more sadly very few of them I recognise. Years and life seem to erase us and people from memories. Nothing we can do about that. We move out and people move on. It’s not the same with God. He is not short of memory space, nor He is eager to disregard us. God is a keeper of His promise to never forget us ( Isaiah 49:15)
Not only that He remembers us but He blesses us also. Shining with the face of His son we enter His presence heads high. There is no loss of memory for any of us, we forever stand before Him. What a thought, what a picture! Bless Him, now and forever.

( See Isaiah 64:8, Exodus 2:24, Luke 12:6-7)