Shaping Word

Psalm 119:25-48

Have you ever tried to get in shape? It’s hard work right? We rather take medications, slimming pills and apt for ‘easy’ strategies ( although that does not exist ) these days when it comes to getting in shape.
We read today that the Word of God revives us. You see, we need to be revived before we can be changed. We need to stop lying to God, ourselves and others if we want to be transformed. When we know and live the Word of God, we know the way of the truth. The right way is not an accidental path, we must choose it and continue to choose it daily. The word helps us to shape not only ourselves but our lives according to God’s will. When our hearts are inclined to God’s Word we have a satisfied heart. There is no better self-help book than the Bible. The author has done the greatest work of salvation for us and invites us all to savor his love and wisdom. The main reason we see very little effect from the Word of God in our lives is because we read it but we don’t love it and as a result of that we fail to live it. We skim it but we don’t savour it. That’s why our lives are out of shape, that’s why many of us are disheartened and ineffective.

How can you allow the Word of God to shape your thoughts and life today?

( See Isaiah 40:8, 1 Peter 1:25, Colossians 3:16)