Satisfying Word

Psalm 119:49-65

Dissatisfaction in life breeds all sort of sins. That is the reason why we run after stimulants, thrills and addictions. Dissatisfaction creates a black hole in our hearts that whatever we throw in it seems to never satisfy. When the hopes of a new job, new love, new house, new body get dashed by huge disappointment, that hole get wider and deeper, emphasising that nothing on earth can satisfy.
Satisfaction is possible, but it’s never lasting if we pursue it through possessions or people. To have all of what this world offers and not have God is to have nothing.

To have God is to have everything.


For God is an inexhaustible treasure. His Word has the wealth our souls need to satisfy. His Word makes us think ( verse 59) when we are chasing after the wind and helps us return to the truly abundance of His love. Another thing that satisfies our hearts is the companionship of other believers. Union with God and union with His people fulfil the heart like nothing else does. The fellowship of the Holy Spirit cuts through race, class, nationality, cultures, education and language and offers us believes the warm and fulfilling communion with one another.

( See Isaiah 58:11, Jeremiah 31:25, Ephesians 3:16-18)