Good Word

Psalm 119:65-80

Very few of us can say that ‘its good for me that I have been afflicted’ (see verse 71) and ‘God is good and does good’ ( see verse 68) with the same breath. Goodness and affliction are far from each other in our world, but near in the word. We can never understand the meaning of God’s goodness unless we learn the language of affliction. It’s true that not all affliction serves as good, nor all suffering makes us good and better, but if afflictions draws us closer to God and His Word, that is good indeed. ‘God’s commands are best read by eyes wet with tears’ said Spurgeon. Very little in life is learned without pain.
The pressure of pain produces in us pearls of purity.
Dear Father, give us understanding of your word ( verse 73) that when we are in pain, when people despise us and when our hearts fails, we will find comfort in your promises and presence.

( See 1 Peter 2:24, Philippians 3:10, John 16:33, 1 Peter 5:10)