Living Word

Psalm 119:97-112

A strange symptom that people who contract Covid-19 faced was that of the loss of taste and smell. That, of course, dulls the desire to eat and enjoy food and as result weakens the body and immunity.

There are many references in the Bible about the Word of God being sweet, sweeter than the honeycomb. Today we read how the Word awakens our taste buds and smell receptors to see and enjoy life to its real and full capacity. The word sharpens our noses to detect pleasant or rotten smells and be wise about what to inhale. The Word exercises our taste buds when we meditate on it constantly to recognise what is healthy, sweet and desirable to our souls. No evil or malice can dwindle that which is established by the living Word of God. The Word guides us in the dark, leads us each morning and keeps us when we are weak.
When we have the Word of God in our hearts we have life. No sickness, foes, discouragements or failure can numb the life-giving flavour of God’s Word. For it’s sweet to us in the most bitter moments of our life. So many of our brothers and sisters in faith have tasted the sweetness of the Word of God in the most flavourless time during this pandemic.

(See Hebrews 4:12, 1 Peter 1:23, John 6:63)