Holding my Breath for God

Psalm 123:1-4

Attentive waiting is not my speciality. Still, alike all, I too wait.

For to wait is to live.

I wait each day for my children to be ready for school, for my husband to reply to my texts, and for the sale assistant at our local supermarket to scan the item in my shopping cart. Today especially she looks like is scanning in a slow-motion rhythm. So I wait, but I do all the waiting with my feet thumping the floor like war drums.

Impatient, I hear is the fruit of pride. That stung my pride.


Perhaps, maybe, the reason why we struggle to take and enjoy anything in life is that we are impatient. We cant enjoy the daily brand from our God because we are restless.

We don’t wait on Him with dependence and readiness. For, to wait is to mark every expression of our Saviour’s will. I don’t do that, and that is sorrowful.

My posture is often ‘hurry’ than humble, stress than stillness. How often we have to conclude that ‘we can do nothing if we turn away from his gaze?’
All we want and need are in the hands of our master, are we looking that way? Are we waiting upon Him? How am I waiting? Am I holding my breath for Him to speak?

( See 1 Peter 5:6, Isaiah 17:7 ESV, Hebrews 12:2)