A Place to Belong

Life is about sharing and sharing is living.

Faith Hope Love Monaco
We are a community of people in the heart of Monaco meeting on Sunday morning (family service) and during the week (Bible study with men, women, and children activities) to explore faith, give hope and share the love of Jesus with all. We are a registered Christian association/church in the principality with a heart to create a place where people connect to experience love and belonging.

A place for all ages. Everyone Welcome

Soulful Lunch

SL is a Monthly Lunch meeting in Monaco inviting women of all ages and nationalities to be part of and enjoy life together. There is something special when women get together and share wisdom, tips, life experiences, and food to create an atmosphere where we grow and flourish. See you there – Love Sarah, Renata, and Lea xxx

All women welcome xx

Montecarlo, Monaco

Learning Together

LT is a weekly study for women of all ages. Very Similar to a Bookclub but we use the Scriptures (Bible) as our base to discuss, learn and find old truths that never go out of fashion which helps us to make choices that add joy and meaning to our lives. All ladies Welcome!

Please E-mail me to know more about the timing and subjects.