Grace -Graffiti

Psalm 17

I have tasted firsthand the problem of bullying. I recognize the fear-full eyes, the trembling body and the running away urge. All you think is finding a safe place to hide, a strong person to be near to or the bus doors to shut and leave before ’they’ get you. Run, hurry, hide… it was my son’s life for a year. 

Bullies don’t care, they will pick on anything to make your life miserable. Your hight, your sight, your body shape, your intellect, your walk, your talk… endless reasons. They are unhappy and want to make anyone else miserable too. 

Paint grace-graffiti on the fences; take in your frightened children who Are running from the neighbourhood bullies straight to you.”


What helped with my son was ’the grace graffiti walls’ we had signposted at home to support him. We painted and outlined a picture of love and care, support and encouragement, strength and affirmation to follow. 

We made sure that he knew and run to that safe place when in danger . We made it clear that we will always support him and that he could forever share and tell us about everything that went on at school and inside him. 

That’s what God does, he offers a very good and clear path for us when we are chased by bullies. 

Bullies never disappear, they are people, problems, powers, perils that come to trouble our minds and hearts and wear us down. It’s a dark world out there, but God paints hope graffiti signs and fences everywhere for us to run to and find help and comfort.  

His lovingkindness shelters us and protects our hearts in times of trouble. Let’s run to him today. 

(see Jeremiah 31:3, Ephesians 2:7 , Luke 6:36